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Nogier Turkey;

The purpose of the Nogier Turkey organization is to provide a complete and effective education of Auriculotherapy, which is discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier and known worldwide also under the name of French Ear Acupuncture. But in Turkey it is mostly known under the name of “Nogier Ear Acupuncture“.

In order to achieve this goal, the organization Nogier Turkey has made a cooperation with Dr. Raphael Nogier who is the son of Dr. Paul Nogier and also the president of the “Paul Nogier International School (EIPN)” which is founded by the inventor himself and also known as GLEM.

Dr. Raphael Nogier and his colleagues in GLEM come to Turkey, to give training seminars, and courses in Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine.

dsc00611Dr. Seda Öztürk (dermatologist, acupuncturist, phytotherapist (PhD) and hypnotherapist) is the founder of the organization.

Dr. Öztürk had learned French in 2011 to learn Auriculotherapy in France, as most of the seminars and books were in French. Due to the fact that she knows the importance of language to reach advanced knowledge, and that she has experienced the difficulties herself, she decided to help Turkish doctors by organizing seminars and translating books.

She participated in auriculotherapy and auriculomedicine seminars at the GLEM school in Lyon (between 2011-2012). She participated in Medical Days in September (training days organized by Dr. Nogier) and the International Symposium. She had the opportunity to observe Dr. Raphael Nogier’s treatment approach by observing him in his office.

Dr. Ozturk translates the seminars from french to turkish and gives the first level education in the seminar series of Nogier Turkey.

She continues to use Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine in her clinical practice combining her skills in dermatology with the integrated and complementary approach of Auriculotherapy, Acupuncture and Phytotherapy.

Dr. Raphael Nogier

raphael-nogierDr. Raphael Nogier, is the son of Dr. Paul Nogier who discovered the reflex properties of the ear and created auriculotherapy. Auriculotherapy is also known as French Ear Acupuncture. Paul Nogier is known all over the world, including the Republic of China, as the father of Auriculotherapy.

After working several years with his father, Raphaël Nogier participated in the diffusion of auriculotherapy.

Today, Raphaël Nogier is president of the Lyon Medical Studies Group, which brings together about 300 physicians focused on clinical medicine. He regularly teaches courses in auriculotherapy in France but also abroad.

Every two years, he organizes the “Journées Médicales de Septembre”, which brings together physicians who want to learn medical techniques based on clinical examination alone.

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